Frequently asked questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional claims adjuster and advocate. We prepare, present, and negotiate your property claim with your insurer. A Public Adjuster is solely your representative, an authority on loss adjustments who you can retain to assist you in preparing, filing, and adjusting your insurance claims.

What is the role of the Insurance Company Adjuster?

As a representative of your insurance company, the insurance adjuster works for them. He will review, audit and adjust the documentation you are required to prepare to substantiate your claim. You can bet that they don't have your best interest in mind.

How can Public Adjusters help you?

Before the rebuilding process can begin, an accurate and comprehensive assessment of all losses must be conducted. We are skilled in preparing these involved claims to help you receive the full amount to which you are entitled, in accordance with policy terms. But most importantly, the services of a public adjuster will save you money.

When should you consider calling Public Adjusters?

Immediately. We will inspect your loss and answer your questions without cost or obligation. Don't wait! The steps you take today could have a profound effect on the outcome of your claim.

Is the first meeting with us free?

A consultation is free and absolutely without obligation.

What is the full extent of Public Adjusters responsibility?

Your public insurance adjuster assists with every phase of preparing and presenting your claim, as well as accomplishing an adjustment for you which is equitable and includes everything to which you are entitled under your insurance policy.

How is actual loss determined?

They take a physical inventory, obtain all pertinent appraisals and make sure all provisions in your policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps of which you may know little or nothing but can make a significant difference in the amount of the final adjustment.

Can you prepare your own claim?

Sure, but it stands to reason that the accredited public insurance adjuster who has years of experience and training can do so with more competence than the policyholder. More specifically, a public insurance adjuster will assist you in the preparation of inventories, estimates and other factual proofs of loss. He or she will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. Your public insurance adjuster will also confer, on your behalf, with insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory adjustment.

Why do you need your own Adjuster?

Your insurance company will utilize the services of staff or sub-contracted claims adjuster to represent their interests. The skilled professional that your insurer will send to investigate and calculate your loss is paid by the very same company that owes you a fair settlement. The conflict is obvious.

Why should you utilize a Public Adjuster to obtain what is rightfully due to you?

Insurance companies offer to pay what is due to you as they see it. Public insurance adjusters are your exclusive representatives. With their experience and knowledge, they are better able to obtain a more favorable adjustment for you, the insured.

 In the event of a loss, what steps should you take?

Promptly report the loss to the agent or broker, or directly to the insurance company and immediately retain the services of an accredited public insurance adjuster to serve you.

How is Public Adjusters compensated?

A public adjuster will work for a small percentage of your settlement, usually payable after you are indemnified. The difference in your settlement, a direct result of having your own skilled advocate, will most likely cover this fee.

How much do we charge for our service?

Public Adjusters charge is a percentage of the insurance company's settlement with you. In the final analysis, you will find our service has been financially beneficial to you.

How do Public Adjusters prepare a claim?

In addition to being skilled negotiators, we use the services of structural appraisers, engineers, accountants, inventory specialists, and other experts as needed. Your insurer will use their experts to document their opinion of your claim. Again, the conflict is apparent.

What problems most commonly occur while adjusting a claim?

All claims are subject to differences of opinion and policy interpretation. Each claim is unique and includes many variable factors. Generally, differences between the insured and the insurance company arise concerning the scope of damage and type of restoration required, depreciation percentages to be applied, if applicable, and appropriate labor and material costs.

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